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Bears up close, bear tries to get in stand with hunter, lots of deer, big deer, twin fawns being born, and video my son made.


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Georgia Cams





Georgia Deer Cams

Georgia Recording





Monster Buck Fight

8 Live Cams


Thumbnails below taken with trail cam near my home.


2011 Pix

0119111624.jpg (323028 bytes)

0119111625.jpg (315674 bytes)

MDGC0003.jpg (423989 bytes)

MDGC0004.jpg (424200 bytes)

MDGC0029.jpg (408374 bytes)

applecoon.jpg (200507 bytes)

27113does.jpg (117735 bytes)

coyote.jpg (157292 bytes)

countthedeer.jpg (157194 bytes)

TC1617FEBa.jpg (177112 bytes)

TC1617FEBb.jpg (91349 bytes)

crow.jpg (157632 bytes)



 2009/2010 Pix

bobcat.jpg (62926 bytes)
Bob the Cat

closeupfhorn.jpg (47012 bytes)
Close-up Fork

closseupcrane.JPG (79600 bytes)
Close-up Crane

crowdatfeeder.jpg (68922 bytes)
Crowd at Trough

danny turks.jpg (157747 bytes)
Talkin' Turkey

deerfog.jpg (66744 bytes)
Foggy Fork Horn

eaglebinocam.jpg (72125 bytes)
Eagle w/binocam

feederparty.jpg (111175 bytes)

foxcrane.JPG (222356 bytes)
Food Dispute

frontporch.jpg (83854 bytes)
Front Porch Does

hogbefore.jpg (43747 bytes)
Thinkin' about it

hogintrap.jpg (56003 bytes)
Uh oh! Mistake

daylight buck.jpg (136668 bytes)
Whats that?

muley or whitetail.jpg (308598 bytes)

scrape2 2009 024.JPG (137066 bytes)

standsupper.jpg (41681 bytes)
Standin' in Supper

2011/2012 New Leupold Trail Cam

RCX_0007new.jpg (699454 bytes)
Daylight Sample

RCX_0040new.JPG (173180 bytes)
IR Night

RCX_0002dec13.jpg (844643 bytes)
Dec. 13

crows.JPG (467693 bytes)

cranes.JPG (712144 bytes)

Click pic for Video

Turkeys Dec. 23 (front of house)

1T.jpg (392094 bytes)

2T.jpg (461882 bytes)

3T.jpg (364742 bytes)

4T.jpg (402594 bytes)

 Turkeys Jan. 6

janturks.jpg (869564 bytes)

turksfeeder.jpg (522756 bytes)

turksfeeder2.jpg (524636 bytes)

 Turkeys Jan. 13

Deer Jan. 15/16
RCX_0044.JPG (173576 bytes) RCX_0076.JPG (314264 bytes)

Cranes Jan. 20

jan20cranes.jpg (877669 bytes)


RCX_0056.jpg (545525 bytes)
Picture of me
taking picture of

 Turkeys at Feeder, Feb. 4











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